Portrait Photography

I love to take headshots!

People. Personalities. Brands. Stories. Moments.

I am always focused on the goal to create authentic images that touch the viewer. Working with people in front of the camera is the greatest joy and a great opportunity to discover a lot together. Every moment is special and unique, and so are the resulting pictures.

everyone needs a portrait photo

A portrait photo simply has to be very good.
My portraits are for people who want more than a simple photo from a vending machine. If you choose me, we will make pictures together that will show your true personality.

With me, portrait photography is very informal. I am a simple guy and I can assure you that we will have a good time. Together we take pictures that can be creative, special and different. It depends on what you want to show.

Portrait Photography

Exceptional, authentic & visually appealing

Another focus of my work is corporate photography image & advertising photography. Naturalness, humanness and emotions – these are qualities that make images come alive, reach other people and are particularly important to me in my style of photography. The person is in the foreground – I want to photograph people and companies from my point of view and thus communicate authentically and individually.

It was a thrill and unexpected pleasure to have Marc take my portrait. (Kaylene Peoples, Agenda Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief)

For me as a photographer, the most thrilling shoots are with the clients who let loose, embrace who they are and find themselves leaving it all on the line to be vulnerable – those are the most beautiful pictures I can take.

Authentic images that touch the viewer

I do portrait photography for all people who like my style and therefore want to be photographed by me. I do portraits for musicians, artists, business people, entrepreneurs, companies and doers. Creative people who market their brand and their passion. And athletes whose training success needs to be captured.


A portrait is a photo that captures the likeness, personality, and mood of a person, animal, or object, often in a creative or artistic way. A headshot, on the other hand, is a specific type of portrait that is focused on the face and head of a person and is typically used for professional purposes, such as actor’s portfolios, business profiles, or online dating sites. Headshots are usually more straightforward, with a plain background and the subject looking directly at the camera.

Why I love headshot sessions…

I love headshot photosessions!

When the model’s fear of the camera slowly but surely gives way. When he finds more and more fun in the pictures. When the personality slowly oozes out of every picture, then it was a good session…

Headshot photography can range from simple to complex, depending on the skill level of the photographer, the equipment they use, and the desired outcome of the headshot. A basic headshot can be taken with just a camera and a plain background, while more elaborate headshots may involve multiple lights, props, and special effects to achieve a specific look or mood. Headshot photography also requires technical proficiency with lighting, posing, and camera settings to produce a flattering and professional-looking image. However, with the right equipment, knowledge, and experience, headshot photography can be a straightforward and rewarding form of photography.
Steffi Portrait
Steffi Kiss

The Results

Depending on what you need the pictures for, we can do clean business portraits or just fun pictures which show your personality. There are no limits, and I will guide you to lose your fear to be in front of the camera lens.

As you can see from these three pictures, even a heavily prepared fashion shoot can turn into instant fun and gorgeous results.

Steffi Laugh

Video: Divinity Roxx

The making of the Divinity Roxx ImPossible Album Cover spans two continents and two states. The photo for the album cover was a creative collaborative effort of Divinity Roxx and me. The photoshoot was assisted by Sven Kosakowski who also shot and edited this video. Makeup was done by Eve Wascher and the shoot was styled by Yani Marin.

After the photo was chosen and edited, Divinity commissioned the Detroit Fine Artist Sabrina Nelson to create a painting of the photo and Graphic Designer Mario Butterfield (Art Director) to fuse the photo and painting together.

In the end, the Album Cover is truly a work of Art.