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Algarve Sound & Vision has a fully equipped recording studio called “Area 432” which is close to Lagos. We offer music recording, mixing, mastering, consultation, and a label for digital releases.

What can ASV do for me as a musician?

Algarve Sound & Vision combines many areas of music production and marketing under one roof. Music of any kind can be recorded and produced at the “Area 432”,  the fully equipped recording studio. ASV can also take care of subsequent editing, mixing and mastering.

If you wish, we can also take care of the album artwork and liner notes. For the digital release of the finished album, we offer a label service, which is especially interesting for street musicians. Of course we can take pictures of you, your concerts, or do videos for your songs.

Furthermore, we can do things like streaming concerts with ticked selling in advance, sending newsletters to your fans, administrating your website, and doing all the things you don’t really want to be bothered with as a creative musician.

In case you have your own homestudio we offer hearing sessions and audio consultation that enables you to progress with your own music and creativity.

Area 432 Mixing Room
Modular Synth at the Algarve, Lagos
Area 432 Recording Room
Area 432 Overview
Area 432 Keyboard Selection

Let’s work together!

The recording studio close to Lagos will be rebuilt in 2023/24 to be the perfect recording space for the Steinway & Sons grand piano. But you do not have to wait until then. The studio is acoustically treated, fully operational and has enough space for recording a quintet band in one room.
ASV has a mobile UAD Apollo recording setup with 8 to 32 channels. So if you have a good sounding room, we are prepared for almost any recording situation.

A recording studio in Lagos?

The studio “Area 432” is equipped with various instruments like keyboards, guitars, bass, drums and percussion, some amps, all ready to be played and used during the recording session. It is a great place to let the creativity flow.

How To Prepare For A Recording Session?

Protector Of The Area 432 Studio

What atmosphere does the “Area 432” have?

The ASV studio is a pressure-free creative environment where artists can feel confident stepping outside their comfort zone. We keep attendees limited so every creator can express themselves in their own, uninterrupted way. Artists’ comfortability in the studio is a top priority, giving them a space to explore new paths of creativity without judgment.

What Folks Are Saying

It’s always nice to get some feedback after a session in the studio. Here are some exerpts.

When Juke Joint Blues got the contract for our first album we were in unknown territory. Fortunately, fate led us to Marc and his Area 432 studio. For a start, the workspace is very well equipped with hardware and software, but even more importantly Marc is a joy to work with. Naturally he can engineer all the recordings to get the sounds you think you are after – then he adds his skills as a producer and musician to make suggestions that take the work to a higher level. He is always respectful and constructive and when you cock something up completely he encourages a much better performance – even when you think you have done your best he can coax an improvement. We were also lucky enough to have him play keyboard parts that added perfectly to a number of the tracks. And on top of all this musical nourishment, corporeal needs are taken care of with fantastic homemade vegetarian lunches available for an extremely reasonable cost!
Juke Joint Blues
Check out JJBs Website

“Spent 2 sweet hours with Marc at Algarve Sound & Vision!

So good to hear the mix through his ATC’s as well as the Avantone mixcube! The best was focussing on my weak point…the vocals! Always a challenge for me but Marc gave me some solid pointers and advice on possible remedies.

The track sounded big and full in translation which was quite satisfying. Now I just need to tweak the vocal chain and then re-balance within the mix.

I was so grateful for Marc Mennigman’s experiential input and guidance! I will be back to Algarve Sound & Vision next week, once corrections are done this weekend, for another listen on those beautiful ATC SCM25 A Pro’s.”
Kayio Bonilli
EDM Artist
Check out his Instagram

“You were a significant help in all areas of the project, particularly providing the technical skills (e.g., sound of the bass, splicing the better performances, and overall equipment and computer program) and giving me critical suggestions (i.e., the dampener on the bass enabling me to free up all of my fingers on my right hand. […] I was also pleased that you made an error–not providing me a click during one take just to demonstrate you are human. ;)”
Herb Cobb
Bass mute

"Area 432" ASV recording studio gear

A fine selection of tools for
fine audio recordings


Audio Interfaces
2x Universal Audio Apollo x8p
1x Universal Audio Apollo x16
1x Universal Audio Twin X Quad

Adam A7X
Avantone MixCube Active
OLLO S4X Headphones

Mic Preamps
AMS Neve 1073DPX

Universal Audio LUNA
Steinberg Cubase
Abelton Live

Steinberg WaveLab

All UAD Plugins,
all from Plugin Aliance, and
too much to list from other developers.

DAW Control
SSL UF8 & SSL UF1 (Solid State Logic)


MOOG  Model D (Minimoog)
Clavia Nord Piano 3
Expressive E Osmose
Sequential Prophet XL
DinoPark EX
Fender Rhodes Mark I 73
Novation 49SL MKIII Masterkeyboard
Steinway & Sons Grand Piano (currently not part of the studio)

A basic Sonor drumkit with cymbals and hardware

Guitar / Bass
Fender Stratocaster & Telecaster Squire
Sandberg California II TT4
BUZZ Dragonfly 5-String J-Bass
Origin Effects Bassrig Super Vintage
Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Bass

Chapman Stick
Alto Stick
Grand Stick Bamboo
– Grand Stick Maple
StickBass SB8 (Custom half fretless)
NS/Stick (Glockenklang Electronics)

what else?

A huge collection of eurorack modules
including modules from:
Make Noise
Noise Engineering
and many others.

Neumann TLM-107
Universal Audio Sphere DLX
Shure SM58 and SM57
AKG C214,  P170, D 112 MKII and D-5
beyerdynamic D57c, D58c, I53c and TG D71 for drum recording

Glockenklang Soul Top & Take Five
Phil Jones BG-120
Pignose HOG 20 Tan
Roland Cube Street EX + rechargable battery

Analog Mixer
Mackie 1604VLZ4

Prices & Rates

At ASV Algarve Sound & Vision, we get the struggles musicians face, whether you play on the streets, love jazz, or rock out. We know money’s tight for everyone in music these days. Every music project is different – they need different work and have different budgets. We understand that every song is as unique as a unicorn in a field of horses. So below prices are just an indicator to help you estimate the production cost of your song / album / epic release. The rates cover any filed of activity like recording (tracking), editing, mixing, consulting services like listening sessions etc. We can also offer editing, mixing or mastering on a “per song” basis. Whatever you neew, we keep our prices fair and work with what you can afford. Please call or email for a personalized offer.

And you’re in luck! Our prices not only include a super talented recording engineer, but also all the instruments, amplifiers, and equipment we collected in the “Area 432” studio.

Rate per hour

€79,95 incl. IVA
(€65 per hour + 23% IVA)

Day Rate (~7h)

€492 incl. IVA
(€400 per day + 23% IVA)

Week Rate (5 days)

€1.845 incl. IVA
(€1.500 per week + 23% IVA)

Area 432 - How we record...

Area 432 Logo

Alright, listen up folks! When it comes to recording music, every studio has its own secret sauce. You’ve got the room acoustics, the gear, and of course, the recording engineer who puts it all together. At Area 432, we do things a little differently – we’ve got one room to rule them all! That’s right, we can record a whole band at once in the same room. No fancy schmancy isolated rooms for us, oh no.

Now, we know what you’re thinking – won’t all the sounds bleed into each other? Good question! To avoid any audio spillage (not the good kind), we recommend recording directly into the desk as much as possible. This is especially important when recording with drums – those things can really fill up a room! We’ve got some fancy see-through acoustic shields to minimize any unwanted noise, but for your guitar and bass, we suggest going straight into the desk and popping on some headphones for a comfy monitoring experience.

We get it, some of you musicians out there aren’t big fans of wearing headphones. But trust us, the key is in the mix! And after doing this for years, we like to think we’re pretty darn good at setting up a sweet headphone mix for everyone.

So, if you’re planning on coming to Area 432 for a recording sesh, take some time to think about how you want to record your instrument. And if you need some advice or ideas, don’t hesitate to give us a holler! We’re always here to help you make some sweet, sweet music.