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Professional photography services for real estate agencies, architects and holiday home owners

A picture says more than 1000 words

What would happen if you wrote a beautiful text, but the pictures were lovelessly photographed? People would not believe you. If your property to sell did not look like a beautiful place, you would miss potential investors or won’t sell it at all. High quality pictures are a key factor when selling a house, which is why professional real estate photography is so important. You can even maximise this effect by adding drone footage.

If your holiday home only comes across as a “rental property” and not as a feel-good retreat, then you will notice this in demand and occupancy. Perfect photos of properties or holiday home photos are therefore worth every cent because the emotions associated with them are often decisive for a sale or a booking with you.

Attract your guests

Do you want meaningful pictures with a feel-good factor of your holiday property? I create high-quality photographs of your holiday property for further marketing, e.g. in rental portals, websites, magazines, advertising flyers, and so on.

Your holiday home is prepared with love and care. This warm feeling is what I want to reveal in my work with unique photographs. Emotions will also be the reason for choosing exactly your holiday flat.

A holiday is a time of the year when you want to relax, experience something, discover something new, sleep in, have a long breakfast. For this time, every guest looks for a suitable domicile. Show your future guests why they want to spend their holidays in your holiday rental. Show them that they get everything they hope, expect and dream of in your holiday home.

Attract your clients

To deliver a perfect picture of the property you are selling is the most important part of the way to find the right customer. The pictures you will use are the first thing the customer sees of your house. His decision if your object is interesting for him or not only depends on their impact.

Real Estate Photography skills

Therefore, real estate photography involves more than you might think. House staging, lighting, props, finding the perfect angle for every room, choosing the right time of the day for exterior shots, photo editing, every step needs to be skillfully done and finally add up to the perfect image.

Professional photos of a property give the prospective buyer confidence and support a seller’s asking price. With good pictures, a buyer can better imagine the property for sale and be able to decide more easily and quickly if a property is suitable for him.

Examples of my work

real estate photography
A beautiful view is always an eyecatcher
Drone photos of Algarve real-estate
Even the smallest bathroom can appear large
Also exteriour shots are important to attract the client
Wide angle shots for a good overview.
Drone pictures help to rent a holiday home

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

When is the best time to photograph my holiday property?


Spring/Summer – pictures for the main season

When everything is green and blossoming again, nature has fully awakened and the days are getting longer up to the first autumn announcements, pictures can be created for the main time of the year – roughly speaking everything between April and July.

I try to avoid shooting on rainy days or when the sky is completely overcast – especially when taking drone pictures – as this is not representative of the Algarve in summer.  But sometimes time is pressing for you as the owner and you need the images to be able to let. Ultimately you decide – our recommendation is to find an alternative date in case of rain.

Autumn/Winter – pictures for the low season

There are certain light moods that also make up the seasons – so in the late autumn and winter months, you can realise completely different pictures in an authentic way. For you as the owner of one or more holiday properties, the main thing is to also rent out the beautiful days in the low season. Most owners always show the same pictures – without bringing seasonal shots into play. A potential guest who wants to take a holiday in November or December has a very good choice of accommodations, most of them are free – this is where a holiday home stands out, showing how cosy, quiet and relaxing the time on your property can be (whether through scenes by the fireplace, the warm blankets on the bed, to name just two options).

Time of day

This may depend on what sky orientation your holiday property has – N/O/S/W, if there is a specific orientation here this will be taken into account at the time of day. Most properties have multiple orientations, so I have had the best experiences when we have designed shoots around early morning/late afternoon.
Especially for aerial footage made with a drone, I try to capture the house two or three times throughout the complete day.

Do I have to be there myself for the shootings?

No – you don’t have to. I take care of the access to your property (with your assistance). Afterwards, I leave it as I found it.

Of course, you are welcome to be present during the shootings – for example, if you are on holiday in your holiday home yourself or have clear ideas that you would like to discuss with me on location.

What can I prepare for the photographs?

Your house/apartment should be cleaned for the shoot, all the lights should be working, and the beds should be made. These are the three most important preparations. Otherwise, every other preparation is a plus for the shoot – that means, for example, well-kept green areas, clean patio furniture, towels for the bathrooms. This is valid for both holiday homes and real estate photography.

For holiday homes, I also recommend decorating the property the same way guests will find them on their arrival. For example, if you give out a complimentary bottle of wine, please make sure we can show this in one of the pictures.


Not only pictures of the building or interior are vital for the success of your advertisement. Your future guests or homeowners will get a better understanding of what they can expect with pictures of the surroundings. The city, the sea, the beaches, or just a simple bica. It helps to sell.

These images are what make the difference and set your ad apart from the rest.

Beach View
Bika / Espresso
Grumpy Cat

Not Only Houses

I don’t only do interior photography. Do you have a company for which you need meaningful images? Do you need photos of cars, boats, planes or your business premises?

Let’s talk about it and work together.