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The Schumann resonance is Earth’s repeating atmospheric heartbeat.
About 2000 thunderstorms move over the Earth at any given time, creating about 50 lightning strikes every second. Each lightning strike produces electromagnetic waves that begin to circle the Earth and form the Schumann resonance.

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The Heartbeat of Earth

Some people associate the Schumann resonance with the rise of human consciousness. People notice a behaviour change when activity increases. We have created an app where you can quickly monitor the Schumann status on your iOS and iPadOS® device.

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Just place one of the three available widgets (small, medium, large) on your home screens or control centre and immediately access the Schumann resonance’s current measurement. The square widgets view the rightmost part of the original rectangle graph, as this is the area where the current measurements are shown. The full chart shows the variations of the Schumann resonance over the last three days.

EarthBeat supports data of the Russian Space Observation Center in Tomsk and the Cumiana VLF Monitoring Station, Italy. You can check out their websites at and
The NASA also has a brief info page about this topic.

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Some Schumann Science

Scientific experiments proved that tuning into 7.83Hz, the planet’s own magnetic frequency people experience benefits like improved stress tolerance, enhanced learning/memory, grounding, balance, body rejuvenation, anti-jetlag, and anti-mind control. In other experiments the Schumann resonance was removed from individuals environment. The participants reported emotional distress, migraine headaches, and other health problems. All experiments clearly showed that the human body and mind is linked to it’s frequency environment.

“Everything in Life is Vibration.”
Albert Einstein

For iPhones and iPads

EarthBeat is designed to look great on iOS and iPadOS devices. Especially on the big screens you can analyse the measurements with ease. EarthBeat supports Dark Mode and all device orientations, like portrait and landscape mode.

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This app is iOS 15 and up only. And sorry, no Android version is in the planning.